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Privacy Policy

At Hook & Crondall Service Centre we respect the privacy of all our Customers, Suppliers and Staff. The personal information that we collect about you and you is used only to provide an appropriate level of service to you, and communicate with you effectively. Our legal basis for processing the personal information relating to you is under your consent and for legitimate interests to allow us to keep providing you with a good level of service.


Any information that you provide is kept secure. Data that is no longer required will be removed or changed upon your request. At no point will personal information be passed on to third parties unless specified below.

Any personal information that is processed and handled will be done so in line with your consent and for the legitimate interests and safeguarding of all involved.  We will use any details you give us to contact you via phone, email and social media and so that we can contact you with any changes or updates. Send you information about our services and other relevant news, and also so that we can communicate with you regarding payment of our fees. 

We will only share personal information about you or your business with another organisation if we:​

  • Are required to by government bodies or law enforcement agencies

  • Have obtained your prior permission.

Personal information will be also shared with Quickbooks to process payments on our behalf (eg to send invoices and quotes to you) and ensure we have relevant information. And any of the following cloud storage/filling systems you may decide to use with us. All organisations privacy statements are available online:

You have the right to ask to see the data that we have about yourself or your business, and to ask for any errors to be corrected. We will respond to all such requests within one month. You can also ask for the data to be deleted, but note that:

  • We will not be able to continue to give a certain level of service if we do not have sufficient information to carry out our duties.

  • Even after your business has left our care, we have a statutory duty to retain some types of data for specific periods of time* so can’t delete everything immediately.

If you have a complaint about how we have kept your information secure, or how we have responded to a request to access, update or erase your data, you can refer us to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

 * We do need to retain certain types of data (such as records of complaints and incidents) for set periods of time after your business ceases to be in our care, but we delete as much personal data as we can as soon as possible.

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